Don't miss the opportunity to brighten up you buffet tables. Spandex skirting and metal tabletops are the easiest and most cost effective method to create the "WOW" experience. I'm going on 3 years with Laguna Spandex Clothes and Metal Tops and have decorated the most beautiful buffets without a single piece of linen. Thank you Diane and Richard! - Sabatino C.

Best product on the market! I've used them for 2 years and saved plenty on labor and linen dollars.- Sabatino T.

First of all, thank you so much for your help and guidance throughout this entire experience. The customer service we received was simply top notch as we were well informed and professionally treated from start to finish. The fact that you were able to fast track our order in time for our big holiday party made all the difference as our members and guests were sincerely impressed from the moment they laid eyes upon our buffet and your mesmerizing aluminum toppers. Literally dozens of members approached myself and other senior managers expressing their fascination and complete awe in your signature silver aluminum. Not only are they visually magnificent but also provide valuable operational fluency and appeal as we were able to maintain a clean and fresh look throughout our entire five hour buffet; we were finally able to achieve the coveted rule of, “a buffet should look equally as pristine for the last reservation as it did the first.” After years and years of fighting linen on and around buffets, I can’t tell you how liberating and refreshing it is to have this clean and crisp image, exemplifying our food and presentation tenfold. I’ll admit, as a conservative country club, we were originally hesitant to invest in such a new concept but couldn’t be more satisfied that we did as the payoff / impact was well worth it. Thank you for everything and we look forward to working with you and your talented team for many great years ahead. - Thor D.

I just want to say that the quality of your linens is outstanding. We are a small hotel and do not have the large budgets of bigger properties so we truly appreciate the durability of the linens. Three years ago, I ordered 5 aluminum tabletops with 2 sets of linens. The aluminum tops still look great. Our customers always comment on how elegant our banquet setups are. They are impressed that a Holiday Inn offers this quality presentation. The tabletops were worth every penny of the investment. The stretch linens are so easy for our staff to work with. They save time and money. With the aluminum tops there is very little laundry costs as the linen doesn’t get soiled. After three years of daily usage, the pockets that the legs fit into began to wear out and the legs were popping through. When I called to order new ones and told you about the problem, you graciously said to send them back and you would repair them at no cost to the hotel. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service. After three years, most companies would just say well the lasted a long time, but you said send them back. I received the repaired linens today with completely new leg pockets. We just doubled our linen inventory. The customer service has always been so responsive but I believe this was beyond good service. It is unheard of. Our initial investment was $2,314.00 including shipping costs for 5 tabletops with linen and 6 additional stretch linens. When you divide that by 3 years, 12 months, 31 days the cost per day $2.07. One of the best investments the banquet department has made. Again thank you for a great product and outstanding service. - Mary

I've been a customer of Richard's for over 8 years....we are an event company which participates in more than 200 trade shows around the country....we have purchased all our cocktail tables & spandex linens from Richard over the years have been amazed by their durability....the products have been exposed to all kinds of conditions, both inside and outside, and are still going strong....the spandex linens have never torn out at the seams or at their feet....and have been washed hundreds of times....incredible! Customer for life! - Michael H.

Our club has saved 50% of our linen costs year to date. No longer using old fashioned skirts, tablecloths and clips also eliminated trips to the dry cleaners.

I got the cover and immediately put it on a chair. I have educated the girls here in the sales department on your services and the next event that we have spandex the order is yours. The quality of the cover is unbelievable.