What makes a great aluminum table top?

Things to look for when researching for your event table toppers:

  1. Quality Heavy gauge Aluminum - We use premium .080" - .125" thick aluminum guaranteed. To give you an idea for durability, interstate signs, street signs and STOP signs are made from the same heavy gauge thick aluminum as our premium toppers.
  2. Seamless joints - We are the only company that offers seamless tops and lips on aluminum table toppers. The daily use of putting toppers on and off can wear of your tables. Welded seam table toppers well eventually corrode at the welds and pop apart. We've developed a seamless technique with our toppers that gives the table a seamless lip and won't corrode and warp and is beautiful to look at time after time.
  3. Swirled table Pattern - Every detail matters at your event and the pattern on your tables is something people will constantly see event after event. Our table artist is one of kind and knows the secret to making beautiful swirls to make every topper a unique work of art that will accent your tables beautifully.
  4. Shipping Costs - We offer the best shipping rates in the industry. Don't get fooled by inferior products with cheaper costs only to get hit with a huge shipping fee. Make sure to ask up front what the real cost of your toppers will be including the shipping.
  5. All Swirled Aluminum Toppers come with FREE SPANDEX Linens at Laguna Spandex Linens

Why Laguna Spandex Linens?

  1. All spandex and aluminum products are made in the USA
  2. Spandex seams and foot pockets carry a 2-year warranty against ripping and tearing.
  3. FREE spandex cover with every aluminum topper purchased.
  4. Toppers are manufactured with .080 aluminum and can be custom sized.
  5. Aluminum Toppers are heat resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors
  6. Customer originated diagrams insure a perfect fit cover for every table.
  7. Custom logo printing available
  8. 4000 prints to choose from with a minimum 10 pc order.
  9. 28 solid spandex colors to match your brand.
  10. Save on laundry expenses combining spandex with aluminum toppers.
  11. We carry spandex covers and aluminum toppers for trashcan covers.
  12. Free design consultation with purchase.
  13. Green Friendly!
  14. Lowest price available in the industry!